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Acceptance in addition to the quotation quota for payment


Based on the proposals of higher education institutions, based on their abilities, selection and accumulated scores, the admission of the applicants additionally to the stipulated quotation on the basis of a decision of the State Commission (hereinafter referred to as' called as an additional supplement).
Proposals for the admission to higher education institutions will be submitted to the State Commission until October 15, agreed upon with the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
The State Commission decides on October 20, 2012, on the availability of higher education institutions, on the basis of the selection and accumulated scores, on additional acceptance of entrants with the condition of an upgraded contract.
In this case:
a candidate who has been enrolled in a list of scores, rejects the previous applicant's application for additional fee-based training or fails to submit an application within one month from the date of publication of the test results, It is recommended to pay for additional contractual payment;
admission on the basis of additional payment-contract, on the basis of the State Commission's decision on admission to the higher education institution with proposals from ministries and agencies institutions and facilities.
Additional acceptance of higher education institutions from the applicants who did not exceed 30% (68.0 points) of the highest score and not exceeding 4 points on the maximum acceptance scores, are strictly adhered to.
The amount of the canceled contract is determined in relation to the amount of the contractual payment contract, in the following amounts:
for those applicants who did not reach one point of the admission quota for the approved payment agreement - 1.5 times;
For those who did not score from 1.1 to 2 points - 2.0 times;
For those who did not reach 2.1 points to 3 points - 2.5 times;
For those who did not score from 3.1 to 4 points - 3.0 times.
Within the terms established by the State Commission, payment and contract terms for these amounts are accepted for the first year of study by the order of the rector of the higher educational institution.
The results of entrance exams are not less than 30% (68.0 points) of the highest scores, and those who have not been admitted to additional places determined by the State Commission and approved by the State Commission, provided that the fee is paid in excess of 10 times the amount of the contractual payment, which exceeds the established amount of payment contract in the current year, and the applicant is eligible to pay for the payment and contract after the terms of the application are accepted by the order of the head of the higher educational institution.
At the same time, the amount of contract payment for the first academic year is determined by the State Commission, depending on the nature of the education.
The higher education institutions will submit information on enrolled payroll-based applicants to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and the State Testing Center until November 1.
Organization of admission to higher educational institutions in addition to the quotas for paying and training contract is stipulated in this Provision (on the order of entrance of students to bachelor's degrees of higher education) 4 - according to the scheme according to the scheme.
Students enrolled in higher education institutions of the Republic will continue their education on the basis of the actual base contractual payment starting from the next academic year upon completion of the first academic year.


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