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Mirzaev Nodir Bakhodirovich - IISRC Director, PhD.
    The main challenge faced by the teaching staff of the Institute is to establish a close connection with the scientific production in the training system, namely, to ensure the application of research results in the economic field to solve the most important problems in modern science and technology, further enhancing integration science, education and industry, providing practice. Institute scientists conducted research and studies major research topics to improve technology - technology cotton , textile , light industry, printing and paper industry , the creation of non-waste technology and introduction of competitive products ranges from natural and other fiber blend yarns in terms of integration for production . Institute scientists performed research work for more than 39 government grants, which are shown at exhibitions, conferences and introduced into production. In 2017, the faculty published 11 books, over 1010 scientific articles and thesises. Among them: 233 articles published in foreign journals and scientific collections. In 2016, 34 applications were submitted to the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan for obtaining patents and obtained 35 patents: including 9 patents for invention, 22 patents for utility model and 2 patents for industrial design, 1 ERM program, 1 license agreement.

Scientific potency

Currently, there are 21 departments in the institute, where 369 professors operate, professors which of them: 1 academician of Academy of Science of UzR, 27 doctors and 112 candidates of sciences.

Priority directions.
To improve the scientific and technical potential of the Republic Institute scientists do research projects in the following priority areas:
• Creation of knowledge-intensive, resource-saving technologies of local raw materials for import-substituting and export-oriented textile products (spinnable yarn fabrics, knitted fabrics , non-woven materials);
• improvement and creation of resource , waste-free and modern technology of pure , mixed and secondary local raw materials for import  replacement and export-oriented textile products;
• obtaining nanostructured composite materials and in different functional purposes using local raw materials for industrial and natural textile products;
• produce high quality dye substances for natural and chemical fibers, finishing materials and creation of modern technologies in the chemical dyeing finishing;
•development and implementation of scientifical new machine designs in the primary processing of cotton, textile and light industry;
•creation of textiles and knitwear based national design;
• introduction of mechatronic principles in process automation and control systems in the primary processing of cotton, textile and light industry;
• quality control of products of primary processing of cotton , textile and light industry , as well as development and implementation of technical standards.

Scientific research projects
The Institute, along with the implementation of research projects to solve the problems of the textile, light industry and printing industry, also paid attention to the performance of the research work, corresponding to the priority areas of our State. In 2017, the institute has carried out 9 fundamental, 20 practical and 1 applied innovative projects on state scientific and technical programs, 1 international project, 1 project on academic mobility of young scientists-2017, as well as 10 research works on the basis of economic contracts. Of them, 10 applied, 1 applied young scientists, 4 innovation projects, 1 international project and 1 project on academic mobility of young scientists-2017 are graduating this year.
Preparation of scientific pedagogical staff
The basis of the research activities of the institute is the training of scientific and pedagogical staff.
In the Institute 17 senior researchers work on his doctoral thesis in the following areas:
• 02.00.06 – High-molecular composites;
• 05.00.02 - Theory of mechanisms and machines. Machines and machine parts;
• 05.02.03 - Technological machines. Robots , mechatronics and robotics systems;
• 05.06.02 - Technology of textile materials and primary processing of raw materials;
• 05.06.03 - Technology of leather, fur, footwear and leather products of galantery;
• 05.06.04 - Technology of garments and costume design;
• 05.10.01 – Labor safety and safety of human activities;
• 08.00.07 - Finance. Accounting;
• 08.00.13 - Management.

 Address: Republic of Uzbekistan, 100100, Tashkent str. Shohjahon 5. Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, 1 - Training Corps, 204 - cabinet. Phone: (+998 71) 253-19-59.


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