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Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures


Full name of department: Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures
Founded year: 1935 y.
Adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
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  The faculty has been organised in 1935 by scientist and the teacher, senior lecturer S.K.Melodiev under the name «The Electrical engineer and an electric drive»
       Since 1953 from 2011 on chair supervised senior lectures A.M.Sutormin, senior lectures R.F.Fozilov,  professor S.Z.Usmonov, professor H.M.Mansurov, professor A.A.Kadirov, senior lecture L.N.Nigmatov, senior lecture I.H.Siddikov.
       The faculty has been based in 2000 under the name «Automation and computerisation of technological processes» and in 2013 has been renamed - «Automation and managements of technological processes and manufactures».
        For today the faculty is headed by the cand.tech.sci., the senior lecturer. D.A.Hamatov

 Teaching structure
 5311000 - Automation and managements of
technological processes and manufactures (cotton, textile and light industry)
1. Information systems and communication networks
2. Digital circuitry and microprocessor means
3. Identification and computer modelling of control systems
4. Elements and devices of control systems
5. Digital systems of automation and management

5А311001 – Automation of technological processes and manufactures (cotton, textile and light industry)
1. Intellectual control systems and decision-making
2. Optimum and adaptive control systems
3. Means of control systems
4. Methods of research of systems of automatic control
5. Industrial information control systems
6. Automatic control of electromechanical systems


1. D.A. Khalmatov – the senior lecturer, the head of the department
2.N.M. Aripov – the  professor
3.A.S. Arifzhonov – the professor
4.A.A. Kaxxarov – the senior lecturer
5.O.X. Kadirov – the senior lecturer
6.H.B. Mirzaaxmedova – the senior teacher
7.J.A. Zhukova – the senior teacher
8.G.R. Alimov – the senior teacher
9.U.O. Huzhanazarov – the senior teacher
10.D.R. Hushnazarova – the senior teacher
11.X.A. Tursunkhodjaeva - the senior teacher
12.T.X. Avezov – the assistant
13.M.M. Usanov – the assistant
14.S.X. Yuldashev – the assistant
15.J.M. Murodov - the head an office.

  Employees of chair indefatigably work on preparation of highly skilled experts for national economy branches resulting in life of the Decree of the president of Republic about «Strengthening of material base of establishments of higher education and about actions of a basic change of quality of preparation of qualified professionals».

The chair prepares experts of bachelors in a direction 5311000 - Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures (cotton, textile and light industry) and masters 5А311001 - Automation of technological processes and manufactures (cotton, textile and light industry).
On faculty student's design offices «Adjustment and creation of automatic installations» and «Creation of computer networks and preparation of their programs» is functioned. In design offices participate more than 20 students who are engaged in creation of applied programs and modernisation of devices of automatics.
 Activity design office
of students of department
 The senior lecturer cand.tech.sci.
 D.A.Halmatov conducts lesson
in a computer class
 On faculty researches are conducted
within the framework of the State grants

Basically lectures are spent in the computerised audiences and in educational laboratories directly connected with productions.


Graduators of direction and a speciality can work in the JSC «UzLightIndustry», Open Joint-stock «Centre of science of cotton industry», in departments of information protection of the bank information, at the enterprises of the light and cotton industry, in associations of «UzCottonIndustry» and «UzbekSkinFootwear», at scientifically research institutes «the Uzbek scientific research institute silkworm breeding», and «the Uzbek scientific research institute of natural fibres», in educational institutions of the Ministry of the higher and secondary special education of Republic, and also at the enterprises cooperating with chair. The Faculty has high potential, and puts all knowledge and experience in business of development of automation of technological processes and intellectualization of control systems. On the basis of this knowledge and the received results of scientific activity the state grants (in a 70 million total sum) together with chairs TITLI and TSTU have been won.
Besides teachers of chair work in compatibility with foreign educational institutions, such as Dortmund technical university and scientists of Turkish university Fatih.


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