Full name of department: Science
Founded year: 1935 y.
adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
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  A Brief History of the Department of "Chemistry"  
    Department of "General and Inorganic Chemistry" was organized in 1935, the founder of which was a prof. Rustovsky A.P. Between 1939 and 1963 years headed by the Department Assoc. prof.Alimov A.A. At his suggestion, in 1959 created two departments: the department of"Organic Chemistry", the head of which was the prof. Yunusov, L. Yu and the Department of "Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds," the head of which was the prof. Geller B.E. In 1995, the association of departments, "Theoretical Chemistry" and "General and Inorganic Chemistry" in one department, "Theoretical Chemistry", headed by prof. Ismailov I.I. Under his leadership, was carried out the synthesis of new macromolecular compounds and studied their physical and chemical properties. From September 2001 to August 2005 the department was headed by  Assoc. Tulyaganov A.R. Since August 2005, the department, "Theoretical Chemistry" was renamed into the Department of "Chemistry".  Since September 2005, the department is headed by prof, Assoc. Karimov SH.I. Since Novembеr  2013, the department is headed by  Associate Professor, Ph.D. Abdurahmonov Ulugbek Nabievich.



 The main directions of scientific papers.

1. Chemistry.
2. Analytical chemistry
3. Physical and colloid chemistry
4. Physics and Chemistry of Polymers
5.General and Inorganic Chemistry
6.Organic chemistry.

Bachelor directions:
 5311000, 5320300, 5320800, 5320900, 5321200, 5610600 -
Chemistry, 5320400- Inorganic Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Physical and colloid chemistry ,Physics and Chemistry of Polymers,5320400 - Physics and Chemistry of Polymers.

 1. Syntez of functional and active polymers, which  are initialized by intermolecular interaction of monomers, initiator’s fibres, on the base of fillers and textile materials. The head is  prof. Rafikov A.S.  
2. Getting  surface-active scintific  substenses from silk winding  waste and their usage for raw –silk property improvement.  Scintific superviser is head Sh.I. Karimov docent
3. Chemical modification of cellulose-containing fibres and materials. Head is dotc. Tulyaganov A.R.


scientific communication

 Department staff
     Department of  "Chemistry" under close collaboration work with department of “Organic chemistry”by Tashkent Institute of Chemical-Technology, Tashkent State Technological University, The National University of Uzbekistan named after M.Ulugbek, Tashkent state Pedagogical University Scientific research institute of Chemistry, Scientific research institute of Chemistry, Physics - Polymer Chemistry, Biorganics. Except of  this the department cooperate with “Shams” joint venture, “YUNITEX”, “ANGREN PACK”  


1.  Rafikov Adxam Salimovich, Head of  Department- Professor, Ph.D.  

2. Asqarov Mirxoji, academic- professor.

3. Karimov Shavkat Ismatovich, c.c.s docent

4. To‘laganov Abduaxad Rasulovich ,c.t.s. - docent

5. Karabaev Abduxamid Azizovich, c.c.s docent

6. Djalilov Shuxrat Sur’atovich , c.c.s.- senior teacher

7. Garibyan Irina Ivanovna - dotsent

8. Abdusamatova Dilfuza Ozotovna, c.c.s docent

9. Karimov Sardorbek Xojiboyevich senior teacher

10. Ibragimov Abdusattor Turgunovich, c.c.s docent

11. Alimxanova Sеvara Shavkatovna - assistent

12. Qodirova Nargis Rustam qizi – ass.

13. Zubaydullayeva Malika Muratovna – ass

14. Maxmanov Doniyor Maxmanovich - senior teacher

15. Djuraeva Gulnoza Abdurashit qizi – ass.

16. Reimov Azimbay Fayzullaevich – ass.

17. Kutlimurotova Rukhiya Khakimboyevna – ass.

18. Xakimova Muqaddas  - kabinеt mudiri

19. Buriyеva Ra’no – laborant

20. Islamxodjayev Akmal Abdulla o‘g’li-laborant

21. Soyibova Dilnoza Baxromjon qizi- laborant


       Department has all conditions for having knowledge and labs, computer classes. Teachers of department read lectures with using innovation technology (the presentation  program of Microsoft Power Point ),and also lab lessons  with using new pedagogical technologies (Brain attack method, Claster, Sinkveyn).












Call center:
+99871 253 36 66
+99895 145 27 81

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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