Chemichal technology


Full name of department: Chemichal technology
Founded year: 1959 y.
Adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
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       The department of "Chemichal  technology"was founded in 1959 by professor of Academy of Science M.A. Hadjinova and professor Geller Boris Emmanuilovich.  At that time this department was named “chemical technology of molecular units” it prepared high qualified engineer-technologists for Central Asia.  From 2011 this department is named “Fibrous materials   and technology of chemical paper” During these years the department were headed by 1985-2004 professor Ergashev KE., 2004-2011 years docent Nabieva I.A. and at present docent Hudoyberdieva D.B. and others.
From 2013 doctor of technical science I.A.Nabieva was the head of the department.
From 2013 doctor of technical science I.A.Nabieva was the head of the department.
From organization of Department has trained about 4,000 specialists, which work in different areas of textile industry. At the present time the department has one academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2 doctor of Sciences - professor, 1 doctors of Sciences, associate professors, 5 dotcent, 9 assistant lecturers. Teaching staff of the Department actively works on education of young teaching staff in the system of "Ustoz-shogird". The number of advanced student at the present time the department after the master carry out  her scientific-pedagogical activity Axmedova M.Sh.  The members of the department has 47 % scientific degree, 88% of them were graduators of this department. The 47%  of academic-chair are youngers. The square “Youth chemists” works for attracting students attentions to these scientific works headed by assistant Saidalieva N.Z.
The faculty of the department are members of the group of innovation and corporate community between science and industry, together with the staff of DAK “O’zbekyengilsanoat” and “O’zkimyosanoat” take an active part in scientific seminars organized on the problems of production.

In the department there is  5320400 – “ The technology of chemistry” (textile industry), (paper industry)” bachelor direction, 5А320402 - Chemical technology of organic substances (сhemical furnish of fibrous materials), 5А320405 – Chemical technology  of high molecule compounds (manufactory paper and paper product).

1.The main processes and devices of chemical technology
2. The chemistry of coloring substances
4. The bases of common chemical technology
5. Chemical technology and equipment of manufactures of fibrous polymer materials, leather,firkins
6. Designing chemical processing of fibrous polymer materials, leather and fur.
7.  Design of production of pulp, paper and paper products
8. Equipment manufactures pulp and paper
9. Technology of production of pulp and paper
10. Chemical technology of finishing fibrous materials
11.Equipment manufactures
of finishing fibrous materials
12. The main types and properties of paper
13. The bases designing of technology  process
14.The technology of creating of fibre-making polymers
15. Methods and types of researching
16. Chemical technology of textile  goods (for not chemists bachelor direction)
a) 5320900 -  Processing and technology of textile industry goods (textile industry)
b) 5111000 – Vocational education (textile industry)
  1. Cromatics and color design of fibrous materials
2. Technics{technical equipment} of finishing manufactures
3. The theory and chemistry of furnish of fibrous materials
4. Technics{technical equipment} of the enterprises on manufacture of a paper
5. Theoretical bases of manufacture of a paper
6. The "know-how" of papers special properties
7. Methods of the physical and chemical analysis of fibrous materials

  1. I.A.Nabiyeva.- Head of the department docent
  2. M.Z.Abdukarimova -  doctor of technichal science prof
  3. D.B.Xudayberdiyeva -c.t.s., dotcent
  4. A.A. Miratayev - c.t.s., dotcent
  5. M.Sh. Xasanova -  c.t.s., dotcent
  6. S.X.Xasanova  - c.t.s., dotcent
  7. N.S. Amirova - c.t.s., dotcent
  8. M.X.Mirzaxmedova -t.f.n, dotsent
  9. N.D.Saydaliyeva  – assistant
  10. N.D.Nabiyev  -  assistant
  11. G.K Sodiqova     -      assistant 
  12. M.B.Shomuqimova - assistant 
  13. Raxmonov S.R.   -  assistant
  14. Shamanov Sh.X. - assistant
  15. Ismoilova G.X-assistant
  16. Rasulova K.M -    assistant
  17. Komilova M.R.- assistant
  18. Islomova Z.Sh. -  Head of Department
  19. Qobilova G.N. -    laborant
  20. Ulashova G.R.  -   laborant
  21. Alimova D.A.  -   laborant
 Our department has close Innovative cooperation links with enterprises of the Republic. These enterprises help students to practice provide with equipments study process testing the results of scientific research in the department such enterprises as “The institute of chemistry and physical polymers” centre  meeting of National University, ООО «ТURON-TEX», ООО «GOFROTARA-LUX», ООО «ORANG ENERGY», СП ООО «OSBORN TEXTILE», OOO “IDEAL GROUP”, СП ООО “TASHTIB-TEX”, СП ООО “JUHAL-QALIN QOG’OZ”, ООО “ZAK-QOG”OZ”, OOO “OSIYO CHARM FAYZ”. This department works to study scientific complex and teaches due to it.
Our department has links with Belgium, Greece, South Korea, Switzerland, Russia and Finland, organizations such as Tempus and IMG. Some of the teachers won grants of foundation "Istedod" and trained in Russia and foreign countries.

 There is special certificated laboratory in our department provided with modern equipments such as given by Nisshinbo firm “Minolta” spectrophotometer from Japan,  the equipment for dispensing liquid dyestuffs, “Mini color” and “Color fastness to washing tester”, Rotational type viscometer, Flammability 45 degree test instrument, INTEC Mag-Mixer.
There is a great condition for researching master dissertation and for scientific research in the laboratory. The department has cooperation to institute “The chemistry and physics of polymers”, “Juhal” thick paper and “Turon-tex” textile enterprises. The branches of the Department carry out laboratory and practical training sessions on subjects of “Equipment of the enterprises of finishing of fibrous materials”, «Equipment of the enterprises for the production of pulp and paper», «Technology of production of pulp and paper». For the classes involved leading experts of the enterprises and the teachers of the department. Also the branches of the department are the base for carrying out the study, qualification and pre-diploma practice.     


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