Constructing and technology of leather goods


Full name of department: Constructing and technology of leather goods 
Founded year: 1969 y.
Adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The department of leather goods was founded in 1969 by the way of breaking up into smaller units of the department of clothing manufacture, but the specialty was opened in 1961 (distant educotion). The first graduation was in 1967.
From the foundation of the department till 1979 and 1988-1990 it was headed by docent  S.H.Husnitdinov. The heads of the department were docents O.H.Haydarov (1977-1986, 1990-1994), doc. V.K.Makaricheva (1986-1988), prof. C.C.Maqsudov (1994-1996), prof. H.K. Tursunov (1996-2003, 2007-2008), doc. K.I.Abulniyozov (2003-2006, 2008-2010) doc. O.A.Haydarov (2011),Mirzaev N.B. At present the head of the department is candidate of technical science Akmal Toshev.
The department is the base among institutions of Uzbekistan on specialty “Constructing and technology of leather goods”. At present the department trains bachelors directed on 5320900 “Designing and technology goods of light industry” (leather and fur goods), (tanning hides and fur) and on specialty 5А320903 “ Technology and designing goods from leather and fur”

the fielid of study bachelor degfree the field of study of master degree:
1. Applied Anthropology and biomechanics
2. Design Process
3. Equipment manufacture of leather
4. The automated system design of leather goods
5. Basics of the production process of leather products
6. Chemisation productions, leather goods
7. Construction of leather products
8. Technology of leather goods
9. Workshops
10. Initial processing of raw leather and fur
11. Processes, apparatus Leather and Fur
12. Technology proteins
13. chemical materials industries
14. The dressing of leather and fur
15. Technology Leather and Fur
16. Learning Lab
 1. Theory and calculation design of leather goods
2. Theoretical number basis of technology of leather
3. The artistic decoration of leather and fur
4. Chemical Technology Leather and Fur
5. Designing of the enterprises for the production of leather products
6. Processes, apparatus and equipment Leather and Fur
7. Technical supervision and quality control

With the aim of training specialists fit with modern requirements of production at the department there is a lab САD/CAM, which is supplied by program of “Crispin” Great Britain for automatic projecting of shoes.
As well as there is scientific lab, which serves for holding scientific–research works of students and professor teacher stuff.


1. Toshev A. Y.- Head of Department, Ph.D.
2. T.J.Kodirov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
3. U.M.Maksudova - Ph.D., Professor
4. A.A.Khaidarov - Ph.D., Associate Professor
5. K.I.Abulniezov  - Ph.D., Associate Professor
6. N.B.Mirzaev - Ph.D., Associate Professor
7. X.X.Begaliev - Ph.D, Associate Professor
8. A.M.Djuraev - Art. teacher.
9. M.U.Ilkhamova - Art. teacher.
10. D.Z.Pazilova – Art. teacher.
11. M.B.Shamsieva - Art. teacher.
12. J.Z.Akhmedov –assistant
13. J.F.Ulugmuratov –assistant
14. D.Q.Tursunova - assistant
15. S.Sodikov - assistant
16. S.Mamatkarimov – assistant
17. Z.R.Irisova – assistant
18. D.T.Maksudova – assistant
19. A.A.Aripova – assistant
20. I.N.Ismatullaev - Head of laboratory
21. F.Khabirova – assistant

  By the aim of strengthening theoretical knowledge of students and teaching them for professional skills there is a small enterprise "GAMBIT-ALFA"
During the study process the students learn new methods of projecting, decorating, art decorating as well technology of production of footwear and leather- fancy goods.


High developing enterprises of light industry makes constantly increasing scientific methodological potential and qualification of professor–teacher stuff. In accordance with it the stuff of the department supports close links with leading adjacent universities and institutions of Russia, Israel, Belorussia, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Malaysia, Great Britain, Denmark. Constantly exchange with scientific publications. Annually the teachers of the department send for probation period and increasing qualification, participating in scientific–practical methodological conferences and seminars.
New technology and equipment inculcating in light industry of our independent Republic makes profession teacher stuff of the department holding actual scientific research work. The problems of technique and technology of footwear industry are solved at the department. For the last years scientific–research works in the size of some million soms on the base of State budget carried out at the department. On the basis of these works we got patents for invention and published scientific works. At present 5 scientific works on the base of State budget.


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+99871 253 36 66
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5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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