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Full name of department:  "Clothing Design" 

Founded year: 2008 y.

Adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5

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 Design is art illustration of the world and a designer is fashionable and  profession with good job opportunities. The development of fashion and textile industry in Uzbekistan, state supporting of small fashion business, demands for markets  and offers of specialized products, increasing   demand for exclusive, fashionable goods of high quality , providing with new equipments and materials for new generation, giving unlimited opportunities for activity of designers and  all of it requires the training of specialist of new  model.
The department “Design of cloth” was founded in 2002 as the first creative department .  The conception of teaching is included all modern requirements,  put  for specialist working  in the sphere of design and fashion and it was founded on new understanding of method designer’s project activity. During the academic year students gained  knowledge on drawing, art, painting, composition, construction of cloth, and technology of production, computer projecting  as well as in the sphere of marketing and fashion management. From the beginning of the first year  the students solve creative tasks with increasing difficult  directed on developing creativity and practical skills. Gaining   high skills on professional computer programs help them to create modern design projects and cloth collection that make graduators demandable in the labor market.
         There is big scientific and creative potential in the department. There are 16 teachers among them  2 professor, 3 docent 2 candidates of science, and 6 senior teachers as well as 6 members of  Art Academy  of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  All teachers along with pedagogical activity,  held  creative and project work  actively  and permanently improve their professional qualification.  Study process is involved high qualified specialists  and designers of the fashion industry, which guaranteed high quality of training specialists, capable creatively and effectively work at not only in modern enterprises but also in the sphere of small business.    

    •    Bachelor direction: 5150900- “Design” (costume)
    •    Master specialization: 5A150901- “Design” (Design of costume)


• drawing
• painting
• the history of art and culture
• history of design;
• creative fashion drawing
• the basis composition of costume
• design of costume
• projecting graphics of costume
• computer design
• fashion-management and marketing
• the construction of clothing manufacture
• technology of clothing goods
• fundamental  theory and methodology  of design
• prototyping of costume
• fulfilling of project in the fabric
• art projecting
• theoretical basis of projecting clothes
• suit composition and history
• confection of materials

 1.  Vaxidova Umida Аbduxashimovna-     head of the department.
2. Kamilova Xalida Xafizovna – professor, doctor of technical science, the chairman of Association of designers «OSIYO RAMZI»of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
3. Tashpulatov Salix Shukurovich- professor, doctor of technical science
4. Yunushodjaeva Hayriniso Mallaevna – docent, а member of Art Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
5.Raxmatullaeva Umida Saidazimovna- docent,
6. Muminova Umida Tuxtasinovna – docent,, a  member of Art Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan
7. Sabirova Ziyoda  Azimdjanovna-senior teacher
8. Axmedov Ravshan Talipovich-senior teacher
9. Mirtalipova Nargiza Hasanxodjaevna- senior teacher,
10. Kasimova Aziza Baxodirovna- senior teacher
11 .Isaxodjaeva N.- senior teacher
12 Mirfayozova N.- assistant
13.  Mamatova N. -assistant
14. Yunusova Z.- assistant
15. Zufarova Z..-assistant
16.  Tomilin D.-assistant
17.Shukrullayeva N.- assistant
18..Xonkeldiyeva N- assistant
19.Raximova D.-assistant
20.Abduraxmonova N.-assistant

Specification of main subjects at the department is the following: Classes  are in constant creative contact with students. There are special equipped design labs and creative classrooms for drawing, painting, designing and modeling. Teaching  is made  using modern technical means: computer room with complex of necessary program and presentational room with electron  blackboard, which allow to make projects, design of medium and clothes, to show objects and models.  
  Practical classes take main part of academic time and give an opportunity to students to make experiments, and to make several mini-collections a year.  The best projects are presented on different competitions. The most important part of teaching are master classes with professionals, actively working in sphere of fashion. Great attention is paid to practice: studying, outside lessons, in museums, industrial and pre-diploma.  
  Participation in competitions . One of the most important element in creative self-realization and motivation of students is their participation in competitions of young designers.  Saw preparing for competition activity under the leadership of the teachers became an important part of teaching.  The students of the department take   active part in cultural life of the Republic,  they are winners of international exhibitions and competitions of young designers.  Students “Fashion House”  that work at the department is well known not only in our Republic but also in many foreign countries.   Students “Fashion House”   took part with students collections and was the winner  of Fashion Festivals in Czech, China, Russia.  Every year the students take part in Republican festivals and fashion shows.

The stuff of the department has creative, scientifical  links  with many foreign institutions such as ( Great Britain, France, South Korea,  Russia) 
1. The project of British Council International strategic partnership in researching and education between London college of Fashion and Tashkent Institute of Textile and light Industry for 2010-2012. In the framework of the project, teachers and students are able to (June 2010 and may 2011.) improve their qualifications at the London College of fashion, changes were introduced into the educational plans and work programs of the disciplines with the development of skills for employment and creativity; pilot group of students of the YCL and the TITLI performed joint projects and held a joint exhibition of the works and demonstration of collections of models in the frame of ART WEEK 2012

2.  From October 30 to November 14, 2012 in the framework of cooperation in the sphere of design and fashion between Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom, organized by the Fund Forum and FSSI with the program of the «Pearl of the East» headed by the Vice-rector on the educational branch  of the Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry prof. KH.KH. Komilova students of the Institute and the young Uzbek designers held a master-class in Birmingham Metropolitan College.

Teachers and students of the Department "Design of clothes" 28 April  to  may 1, 2014 participated in the training seminar, organized by professors Arturo Dell Acgua Bellavitis and Angelo Sabbioni from Milan Polytechnic University (Italy)
 The teachers of the Lyceum La PA martiner Diderot (Lyon) and  the University of Upper Alsace, from 2 to 4 June 2014 held raining workshop with students and teachers epartment "Design of clothes" for the production and  it  uses of innovative "smart fabrics"
in design and fashion. The young designers had    opportunity to study the properties and work with ifferent types of smart textiles, especially
imported from France for this event.
Teachers and students of the Department "Design of clothes" 9-14 June 2014, together with professors Glenda Brindle, Louise Smith, Stefan Bennet, Paul Robinson and students from the University of Central Lancashire (UK) carried out a joint project.


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