Pedagogy and physical culture


Full name of department: Pedagogy and physical culture
Founded year: 1932 y.
Adress: The City of Tashkent, Jakkasarajsky area, Street Shohkzhahon 5
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    Department of “Pedagogic and physical culture” was founded in 1932 its activity from the date of institute. That  time  the department  was headed  a  number  of  specialities and exports  in   physical  culture ,  sports  trainers  and  professional  athletes. Since 2010 the head of department is Doctor of Biological Science Sh.I.Allamuratov. 2013 up to now Sh.I.Allamuratov works at the Department a professor. The  2014-2016 years, the acted head of the department a senior lecturer Abdurazzakov Hasan  Abduazimovich. There is department  1 professor,  doctors   of science, 3 docent, 5 senior teacher and 5 assistants which are teachers in subject pedagogic-psichology and professional athletes. At the department conducted practical training with 1-2 years students on subject “Pedagogic and physical culture” PT. The aim of training is forming a physical culture on students and ability to implement it in professionally – applied, sports activities and their family. Chair "Vocational training" is organised at institute 06.11.2000 years on the basis of the order № 231-to. In 2000-2005 over chair a Cand.Tech.Sci., senior lecturer K.K.Boltaboev, in 2005 teacher U.M.Artykboeva supervised. Since 2006 over chair the candidate of psychological sciences M.S.Salaeva supervises. Since 2010 the chair has been renamed, as chair "Vocational training".  Since September 2012 the department  was headed by c.t.s docent Pardaev X.N. The  2014-2015 years head of the department is docent  Gatayev X.A. From 2016 the head of the department is docent  Xodjakulova D.I. 


5111000- Vocational training 5320900 - (designing and technology of products of light industry)
5111000- Vocational training 5320900 - (designing and technology of products of light industry (textile the industry)
5111000- Vocational training 5321200 - technology and cotton preprocessing.


     The process of physical activity provides the following educational development and health problems:
- training needs in the physical self-improvement and a healthy lifestyle;
- form  a system of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in   physical culture;
- ensuring the necessary level of professional - applied physical training of future specialists, including physical fitness, training, development of professionally significant qualities of physical and psychological abilities;
- use of the means of physical culture for disease prevention, conservation, enhancement and mastering the skills of self-control in the process of physical training – sports;
- inclusion of students in an active athletic
- sports activities for the development of physical culture values and experience of its use in the comprehensive development of personality.
   In order to organize the content of free time students for their physical development and sport facilities. The department organized the sports training 14 sections from 9 kinds of sport: volleyball, handball, basketball, table tennis, weightlifting for boys and girls, mini football, Kurash, judo and bodybuilding for boys. All of the “physical training” department’s teachers work under the guidance.  For this it has enough sufficient material-technical bases. Namely: sports hall, facilities for training section Kurash and Judo, Open Square for mini football, covered with green-grass, 3 volleyball and 2 basketball courts. For self - physical fitness and sports in the hostel of the institute created a gymnastic hall with other necessary gym-facility.  There are facilities for sport training   and outdoor areas for training mini-football, volleyball.   Training   hall is working on schedule under guidance of experienced teacher – coach for girls and boys. Nowadays "World psychology" named course working for all students.

 department staff

  In the Center of Information Resources Institute there are various sport training and educational and methodological literature on physical culture and sport, as wellas teachers work of the department. On the department carries out scientific research in the theory and practice of physical culture and sports.
 The faculty of the department held sports competitions in different sports among freshmen, and teams of faculty, as well as dedicated significant dates of the republic, and the winners are awarded with diplomas and valuable presents trade union committee and the public youth movement "Kamolot". On the basis of department the bilateral agreements, performs scientific-pedagogical activity with branch departments of Uzbekistan State Institute of Physical Education for the implementation of the learning process of modern technologies
1-academic vocational college under Tashkent Institute of textile Industry is developing of children’s sport "Rakat" "Muqimiy" and "Textile" people of jointing and meet.


1. Xodjakulova D.I - Head of Department, a docent

2. Abduraxmanov,,

3. V.N.Sattorov- c.p.s.,docent

4. Sh.E. Mamarajabov- c.p.s.,docent

5. N.I.Sodiqova- senior teacher

6. J.G. Holmuratova- senior teacher

7. Abdurazzakov H.A. - senior teacher

8. Asilbekov N.B. -  senior teacher

9. Sultunova Sh.M. -  senior teacher

10. G.Q.Jobborova- assistant

11. D.B. Mirxodjaeva- assistant

12. Odilov F.R.-  assistant

13. Gaffarov S.X.- assistant

14. Umirzakova O.E- аssistant

15. Tukhliev A.-head of cabinet

16. Axmatova B.-laborant


   Department of "Pedagogy and physical culture" has close ties with universities and research institutes. UzNU, TSTU, TGPU, Gul.GU, PPI, with professional colleges: Tashkent Polytechnical College, Mirabad College of Light Industry, Sergeli Polytechnic College and others. For the pedagogical and academic education at the department is carried out computer classes, lectures, educational and business games. For learning the advanced technology specialist 


• Pedagogy.Psychology
For special disciplines (the light,
 textile industry and a cotton preprocessing,
for engineers-teachers) are read:
• Pedagogics Bases
• Pedagogical skill
• Pedagogical technologies
• Professional pedagogics
•Psychological diagnostic,   
•Psychology operation.
• Methodic education works                          •Professional  psychology
• Methodic professional’s  education 
• Physical  culture

At magistracy level:
- Pedagogic technologies and pedagogic master
- Methodic study special object

      Only during the years of sovereignty of the Republic of Uzbekistan teachers - coaches chair from among the students of the institute were prepared world champions youth cup, Asian Taekwondo-Do, silver and bronze prizes in the World Cup Taekwondo - before the Asian Championship on mini football, taekwondo world championship - to, among boys, the Asian games in sambo, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, winner of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the soccer team. "Bunyodkor" The team of handball Institute won the 1st place team of girls basketball 3rd place in the competitions organized sports society "Talaba" The Republic of Uzbekistan, "Student 2004" Women's team handball won bronze medal judoka won the gold and bronze medals in the competition for primacy in Tashkent handball youth team of the Institute took 2nd place, 3rd place on kurash.
     On the basis of the delivered task in the minutes of the meetings of Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan forum on organization of sporting competitions "Student Games 2013" of students of institutes of higher education in Bukhara and in decision of Ministry board of higher and special secondary education № 10/2 from 7 November 2012 year 100 sportsmen - students of institution took part in Tashkent municipal elimination matches in 10 types of sport. In matches in "Belbogli kurash" in weigh category of 66kg took second place, "Milliy kurash" in weigh category of 66 kg took third place. Training is continuing to second tour of these matches.
        11 January 2014 year sporting events were made dedicated to "Day of defender of country" jointly department of military training in different types of sport.
January 3-10 2014 year jointly Committee of trade union of institute made tradition "sport contest" of composition faculty forum on “year of wellness and prosperity" in 6 types of sport, winners were awarded with valuable gifts.


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