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Information Resource Center
 The collection is stored RPI TITLI 630 527 copies books and is constantly updated in 1387 the names of newspapers and magazines. 

  In IRC, there are 12 computers of which 9 are in an electronic room. On 2 computers introduced the latest abstracts, provision of textbooks, the base of information on state standards and subscribing to periodicals. 
At RPI created their own electronic resources, which included educational literature on 30 subjects in the number of 1119.
Computers in the electronic room connected to the Internet.

Departments of RPI:
1. Academic and scientific departments
2. Department of fiction
3. Department of newspapers and magazines.
4. Electronic Facilities
5. Reading-room
6. Scientific Reading Room
7. Department of acquisition and processing.
8. Reference-bibliographic department
9. Branch in the dormitory
10. Branch at the Department of PSPD 

IRC Hours from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm.
To enroll in the RPI student must have a three-picture card and student ID. Upon receipt of the books, the reader must present a library card and must sign for each received the book in book form.
The reader is entitled to receive literature from an educational and research department for a stated period.
The reader has the right to use the literature from other departments, with a passport. Literature issued from the scientific department at 1 month of training department at 1 semester or 1 academic year. Fiction is valid for 15 days (up to 3 cop.) 

RPI got the program "Karmat" At this time the program "Karmat" under development staff RPI.


Call center:
+99871 253 36 66
+99895 145 27 81

Our Address

5, Shohjahon Street, district Yakkasaroy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The number of confidence:


The number of confidence:


Useful Websites

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